Thanksgiving Event at Streetwise

The Streetwise Thanksgiving Event will be held at two locations: the Streetwise facility and the Auburn Trailer park.  We folks at NewBranch will focus on working at the Auburn Trailer Park since we would really like our church family to start establishing some strong relationships with the residents of this community.  Following, you will find information about the upcoming event, and how you can help out.

Purchase a Thanksgiving Meal Box

You can purchase a Thanksgiving box filled with enough food to provide a family with a Thanksgiving meal. I would encourage you to also tell your neighbors about this opportunity. I know I’m going to put this all over my Facebook and probably tell every person that I see. Anyway, make sure that you DON’T ACTUALLY BUY A FROZEN TURKEY SINCE THE FOOD WILL PROBABLY BE STORED AT MY HOUSE FOR AWHILE AND I CAN HARDLY CLOSE MY FREEZER AS IT IS! Please, please, please make out a check to Streetwise for $15 so they can buy the turkey for you, and don’t forget to put the check in the box.  THANK YOU!  Bring the box filled with food AND THE CHECK to church on Sunday Nov. 13, or arrange to get it to my house (the Sherwood’s) or the Holloway house after that time. Here’s a link for the needed food items. Streetwise Thanksgiving list

Help Streetwise pack millions of boxes!

Streetwise is going to have about five million boxes to fill with food before the event and could use a helping hand. If you haven’t been over to see the wonderful people at Streetwise yet, now would be a great time to go over and see what all the talk is about. If you would like to go over and help them fill the boxes, you can give them a call at (678)985-9915 and they would be happy to schedule a time for you to come in and work.

Help at the Streetwise event at the Auburn Trailer Park

On Saturday, November 19th Streetwise is having their Thanksgiving event.  This will be held in two locations: at the Streetwise location, and the Auburn Trailer park.  We at NewBranch are going to focus on working at the Auburn Trailer park.  This will be a “block party” type event.  The food baskets will be passed out as well as clothing, and the gospel will be presented.  There will be entertainment, and face painting. Primarily, we will be there to help as needed and to fellowship with the residents of the trailer park and the community. Come prepared to make some new friends and to have a good time.  Children are welcome!  We will be meeting at the Streetwise facility at 830 am for a debriefing and then we will all head over to the Trailer park together.  The actual event will run from around 1100 – 200.  Please let me know if you will be attending because I have been asked to give an actual head count of volunteers. You can contact me at or message me on Facebook.

Thank you so much for your help.  I look forward to serving with all of you!

Lea Ann


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